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2023 Sonata/Sonatina Festival



When:  Saturday, January 21, 2023

Time: Audition tentatively from 9 am-noon & honors recital tentatively at 2 pm

Where:  Church of The Savior CRC, 1855 N. Hickory Rd. South Bend

Registration Deadline: Monday, December 19, 2022

Nonrefundable Application Fee: MTNA members $25 per student; non-members $40 per student


  • Participants will perform one movement of any sonatina or sonata without repeats.*      

  • He/she may perform the piece (1) memorized or (2) with music.

  •  A copy of the music must be provided to the judge with every measure numbered.


*Participants in the elementary division may play two to three movements not to exceed a total of 4 minutes due to the shorter lengths of pieces written for that age group.


Festival participants will perform for one judge. Students will receive a certificate after the performance and teachers will receive their students’ written comment sheets after the conclusion of the event. 


A tentative practice room may be available prior to the contestant's adjudication time. Students are encouraged to warm-up at home before their arrival at the festival. Contestants may play a brief warm-up before beginning their performance, such as a scale and/or cadence.


Honors Recital:

Participants who perform from memory AND receive a judge's performance recommendation will be invited to perform at the honors recital.



  • Elementary division: ages 9 & younger

  • Intermediate division: ages 10 -12

  • Junior division: ages 13 – 15  

  • Senior division: ages 16-18

| Questions? |

If you have any questions, contact:

Dr. Geena Kam

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