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2022 - 2023 Event Calendar

August 3, 9:30 am: Board Meeting at the home of the President

August 12, 9-10:15 am: Presentation by  Jennifer Linn “Student Motivation” & Masterclass

September 9, Friday, 10 am: Presentation by Jennifer Keeley “Tuition Collection Made Easy”

October 7 & 8, Friday - Saturday:  IMTA 2022 State Conference will be held in-person on the campus of Purdue University Fort Wayne.

October 3, Monday: AIM registration postmarked deadline.  Send registrations to Kelly Havens

October 14, Friday, 10 am: Presentation by  Alastair Willis, South Bend Symphony Conductor, “Motivating Students to Play their Best”

November 5, Saturday: AIM Festival at Bethel U. Fine Arts Center,  AIM Chair: Jennifer Keeley

November 11, Friday: Christmas Recital deadline. Jeanette Benedict,

November 15, Tuesday:  Christmas Luncheon RSVP deadline, contact Jennifer Keeley

December 9, 11:00 am: Christmas Luncheon at Papa Vino's, 5110 Edison Lakes Pkwy, Mishawaka

December 11, Sunday 2:30 pm: Christmas Recital at Covenant Community Church 3025 Edison Road, South Bend

January 6, Friday, 9:30 am: Board Meeting at the home of the President

January 20, Friday: Winter Recital deadline, Chair: Jeanette Benedict,

January 21, Saturday: Sonata/Sonatina Festival, Co-chairs: Geena Kam and Linda Witchie, Church of The Savior CRC, South Bend.

February 4, Saturday:  Postmarked entry deadline for Stickley Competition. Send registrations to Jennifer Keeley

February 10, Friday, 10 am: Presentation by Geena Kam “Impacting Our Community Through Music”

February 19, Sunday, 3:30 pm: Event Winter Recital at Church of the Savior Christian Reformed Church 1855 N Hickory Rd, South Bend. Jeanette Benedict

March 4, Saturday: Stickley Competition at Penote Performer’s Hall at DeBartolo Performing Arts Center, University of Notre Dame

March 4, Saturday: Postmarked entry deadline for Hoosier Auditions. Send registrations to Luke Norell,

March 12, Sunday, 2:30 PM: E Stickley Competition Winners’ Recital at Louise E. Addicott & Yatish J. Joshi Performance Hall, IUSB

March 25:  District B Hoosier Auditions at Zook Choral Hall MC153, Goshen College,  Contact Luke Norell,

March 25-29, Saturday-Wednesday: MTNA National Conference, Reno, Nevada

April 14, Friday, 10 am: Presentation by Jennet Ingle, Principal Chair-Oboe, SB Symphony “The Happiest Musician “(Book Highlights)

May 12, Friday: Board meeting at 9:30 am; Spring Luncheon-11:30 am at the home of Gerry Stutzman, RSVP by May 1 to Gerry Stutzman,

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