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The Achievement in Music (AIM) program consists of an AIM Syllabus and AIM Festival sponsored by our SBAMTA Association.  The AIM Syllabus is a curriculum outline, promoting a comprehensive approach to the teaching of music.  Twelve different levels of achievement are outlined for four skill areas: repertoire, sightplaying, keyboard skills, and theory (both written & aural).  The different levels provide the foundation for AIM Festivals.  The syllabus can also be useful to an individual teacher or student who wants a sequenced, progressive outline for teaching or learning a particular skill area.  AIM Festivals provide a musically well-rounded goal for each year’s study, as well as a written evaluation of a student’s performance skill and musical understanding.  An award certificate and large medal add to the student's achievement. 

To download the registration form and teacher and parent letters, click the icons below. 
The registration form is due Saturday, October 1, 2022.
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